Our 10-hr course covers the following topics

  • Birth in America – the history of birth trends in the US, current trends and statistics, cultural and international comparisons

  • Doulas in America – the history of doula care

  • Why & How of Childbirth – why it’s important how we give birth (it's not what you think) and how it all works 

  • Comfort Measures – providing support through each stage of labor

  • The Medical Side - the basics and beyond of common medical interventions, why they happen and how to help moms navigate when they need intervention, and facilitating healthy communication between the parents and care providers

    • Walking through infant loss with clients

  • Scope of the Doula – what IS within your scope of practice, what isn’t and how to set healthy boundaries with clients

  • The Business of Being a Doula – setting yourself up for long-term success 

  • Doula Survival Tips – managing compassion fatigue and learning balance

This course is $400 total, $50 due with the certification packet.


13 & 14, 2018!


Greensboro, North Carolina

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